My story:
I started my photography business after a tragic accident that took my sons life in 2006. It was so much more than a job, It was my healing. I went on a mission to give to people what I wished I could give to myself, memories. The real kind. The kind that express emotion, love, feeling and relationships. My purpose in each session is to create images where you see more than a smile, but to look upon the heart. My motto: Love, Feel, Remember. Memories are the greatest gift you can give your loved ones. These images are an investment that only appreciate with time. Memories are the only thing that last forever. You probably won't lose your child to death like I did, but you will inevitably lose them to time. Let Shelly Geller Photography turn your time into memories, and your memories into art.

Shelly Geller is a nickname given to me by my oldest nephew Josh, 17 years ago when he heard Grandma calling me Shelly and my siblings calling me Geller. He combined the two and my new name was born. I also answer to Michelle. I rebranded to Pink Rose Photography in 2016 and am currently running two sites. You can check out my latest work at my professional photography website

I am a Utah photographer specializing in Wedding photography, Family Photography and Senior Portraits. I am also specialized as a Child Photographer. I travel for destination weddings. I am also a Las Vegas Photographer, San Diego Photographer, Denver Photographer and Arizona Photographer. I love to travel! So if you are not in my vicinity, don't hesitate to reach out! Chances are, with a few referrals, I'd LOVE to travel to you to photograph you and your friends. I have been a Utah Photographer for 9 years and have loved every minute of it.